House rules

House rules

House Rules

Training at VLS-Horses under Corona

Dear Riders, Amazons, Trainers, Grooms & Owners.

Thank you in advance for your reservations and respecting the conditions below!
Do that for your own health, but also for the health of everyone around you and our team.


The person who is making the reservation is responsible for  the following conditions:
reservations & payments can only be made via Geert or Cindy by telephone

Geert: 0032 (0) 475 43 17 40
Cindy: 0032 (0) 475 81 24 92

Wearing gloves is mandatory in the arena: for laying on the beams
Respect Social Distancing 1m50:


House rules

- Reserve at least 1 horse / hour.
- Maximum 3 riders and 3 grooms / supervisors at the same time in the arena.
- Please respect the reserved hours
- Lunging is not allowed.
- We are not responsible for any accidents.
- Wearing a safety helmet is mandatory.
- Open Monday to Sunday, 8am to 8pm.
- Access via Mennestraat 6
- Parking in the parking lot provided in front of the gate.
- Dogs are NOT allowed
- When leaving the slopes:
            - Clean up manure in the wheelbarrow on the track
            - When leaving the track, replace the track as shown
               it was at the outset.

Thank you for complying with the conditions.

Geert and Cindy